Job trends in Kolkata

It might not be a good move to change job this year. 2017 is predicted to be a dull, listless year when it comes to the job market.

Kolkata is the biggest metropolis in Eastern India, with a catchment area of more than 20 million people. It attracts job seekers from not only Eastern India, but from all over the North-Eastern India. Kolkata has done better than other Indian cities when it comes to generating new jobs. As popularly conceived, it does not lag behind the rest of India when it comes to the job market.

The hospitality industry is flourishing in Kolkata. Kolkata has many courses in hotel management through its many management institutes. Kolkata has a constant flow of tourists and business guests in the city.

There are many IT, ITES and BPO jobs in Kolkata. The Sector V and Rajarhat are the two main areas where these kind of companies concentrate.

There are many jobs in Kolkata in the banking sector. It enjoys a very good track record in the banking and finance industry. Customer care jobs are also abundant here. The real estate industry in Kolkata is generating employment for both white and blue collared workers.


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